Documentation of clients goals, needs and plans

We ensure proper documentation of our clients’ goals and plans to help them stay on the right track. Other than that, we thoroughly enlighten our customers on adopting a healthy lifestyle to encourage their bodies to accomplish optimum health.

Evaluate clients food selection, preparation and intake

At Vickie Nadeau, we analyze the food selection as well as intake of our clients and assist them in preparing nutrition-rich food. Furthermore, we help all our clients in making the best possible food choices since it is imperative to consume a variety of foods to ensure all essential nutrients are included in the diet.

Evaluate clients lifestyle and overall feeling and well-being

We evaluate our clients’ complete lifestyle and make sure that their current lifestyle complements their personality and enhances their overall well-being. In addition to that, we introduce our clients to several new and valuable dietary/eating habits, including the latest nutritional breakthroughs.

Evaluate clients use of dietary supplements

Ensuring our clients are healthy is our ultimate goal. And in case any of our clients consume dietary supplements, we evaluate them to see if they are suitable. Our utmost priority is helping them by training and designing a customized dietary supplement program.


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