Vickies Favorite Plant/Herbs and Supplements

My Herbal Helpers: To fight modern day viruses

Astragalus: The dried root of this herb, that has been used extensively in Chinese medicine as well as Western herbalism has been shown to boost immune function and reduce inflammation. Its traditional uses include helping to treat common cold, seasonal allergies, and chronic fatigue.

***Available in extracts, capsules, tablet, teas

Elderberry: The bark, leaves, flowers, berries, and roots of the elder tree were all used in traditional medicine. Thought to have an anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, elderberry may help congestion by reducing swelling in mucous membranes and may also help reduce cold duration.

***Available in extracts, capsules, tablet, teas

Oregano: Oregano oil has long been used as a remedy for the symptoms of colds, flu, bronchitis and other respiratory complaints because of its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

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